Those living their everyday life by doing business

do not have to be convinced about the high value

of information.

One might say that this is the key to successful business. In our accelerated world it is of great importance how quickly information reaches us.

It must not be forgotten that roles are constantly changing. There are situations in life when others take an interest in us or when we look for a partner to achieve our goals. The simplest way for this to happen is within the framework of a reliable system in which we are both listed.

Infreet system provides a solution for this.

Purpose of the system:

Development of international trade relations, bringing together small and medium-sized companies, as well as organising and forwarding up-to-date business offers.

Components of the system:

Virtual marketplace, where you can offer for sale any kind of products and complete it with pictures and videos or search to buy other sellersí offers. Your cargo for shipping can be advertised in our freight exchange site, where you can choose the desired delivery type.

Users registered to the shipping component can choose from various available freight, as well as advertise their available cargo space for diverse delivery types among all the users of Infreet.

Exhibitions, conferences, trainings and webinars can be presented on the website with images and videos. Infreet RADIO helps to spread the news about the event through the internet in the whole world.

For further information contact:

Register you company to the database of business investment if you are looking for investors for your business or would like to improve your industrial park with the help of professional investors. Your property or service for sale or in investment can be displayed with images and videos.

Infreet radio is currently broadcasting online the best background music for browsing the website without advertisements. In the near future, we are planning on helping your business become more successful with short news blocks about the world of business.

The commercial language of Infreet is English. With the continuous development of the website, we wish to provide the opportunity for all to use our database in their own language. It is guaranteed for all users to find their business partners regardless of physical distances.

A part of the services are free, however further services are only available for an annual fee, for registered users only.

Give a chance for successful business!